Anstalt für Zellforschung

Zollstrasse 34
FL-9490 Vaduz
Tel. +423 / 232 26 17
Fax +423 / 232 62 19

Anstalt für Zellforschung, Vaduz (LI), Zweigniederlassung Trogen

Landsgemeindeplatz 6
CH-9043 Trogen

The Company

Over 50 years of innovation in pharma development and international marketing and distribution.

«Anstalt für Zellforschung» is a pharmaceutical business that has been specialized in the development and marketing of innovative medicinal and OTC products since 1958. The company provides the highest degree of flexibility and standards of professionalism, commencing with the procurement of raw materials and continuing through production to the marketing of its pharmaceutical products to the consumer.

Anstalt für Zellforschung is dedicated to continuous development and expansion of its product lines to enable new markets to be accessed by working together with capable and ambitious sales partners.